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Anapolon (Oxymetholone)  50mg 20 Tablets Buy Online

Anapolon is a strong and effective steroid, which is very popular among the body-builders., are the main compounds for fostering muscles. It can contribute 5-7 kg to body in two weeks. In 6 weeks, the increase might be 15 kg. While using the steroid, water accumulation in the body stops and this leads to muscle bulking.  On the other hand, it can be very dangerous for the body in case misuse.


What are the Ingredients of Anapolon? What does Anapolon contain?

 The active ingredient of Anapolon is oxymetholone. The supporting substances are Lactose, PVP, and magnesium stearate, starch.  

What is Anapolon used for? Indications of Anapolon


For medical purposes, Anapolon can be used for the treatment of Anemia. The androgenic influence of Anapolon eliminates high perocolul overload and this elimination contributes to the swift improvement.

How should Anapolon be used?

The usage of the Anapolon should not be very fast. It is appropriate to start with 50 mg. A few days or weeks later the doze can be 100 mg. For people, who have more than 100 kg weight, the doze can be 150 mg, but it should not take a long period.

Can Children and Elderly People use Anapolon?

Anapolon should be used very carefully in children and especially in the control of specialists who are well aware of the effects on bone marrow. In children, it can lead to stretching in height and this effect can continue for 6 months after the drug is released. Therefore, the treatment should be monitored with the help of x-ray films taken once in every 6 months. 

Dose adjustment is necessary for old people above 65 years old.

How is the specific use of Anapolon in cases like Kidney failure and Liver failure?

Patients, who have severe kidney or liver failure, should not use Anapolon.

What are the Contraindications of Anapolon?

Anadrol will inhibit very fast, so HCG and Nolvadex are required after a steroid cycle. Many also prefer to use steroids Deca-Durabolin. However, Deca-Durabolin will not restore testosterone levels.
Anapolon is not a recommended product for women. It usually causes virilisation after taken by the women. The product is toxic and it this is dangerous for liver. The cancer risk is part of this danger. The usage of Anapolon influences the natural production of testosterone negatively. Other minimal side effects are hair loss, acne and increased aggression. Sentimental of general malaise may occur.

After discontinuing Anapolon, downfall is very strong. The shape and volume of the muscles will not be same as in the period using the medicine. 

Can Anapolon be used with other Medicines? What are the interactions of Anapolon with other medicines? 

Patients receiving warfarin may experience prolonged bleeding. Changes in fasting blood glucose and glucose tolerance tests can be observed. Changes in thyroid function tests associated with the use of Anapolon have been reported. These changes may continue for another 2-3 weeks after cessation of the treatment. Prothrombin time canbe prolonged depending on the use of Anapolon. Sodium, chloride, water, potassium phosphate and calcium can be increased in the body. Increase or decrease in serum cholesterol can be observed.

What are Side/Adverse Effects of Anapolon?
What are the serious side effects of Anapolon?

- Swelling on face, tongue and lips

- Difficulty in breathing

- Itchy rash with diffuse

- Diffuse redness Jaundice

What are the common side effects of Anapolon?

- Increase in penile growth and stiffness in men before puberty

- Increase or decrease sexual desire in both males and females 

What are the uncommon side effects of Anapolon? 

- Epididymitis, gynecomastia, bladder hypersensitivity, and hypersensitivity to testosterone function in the post-adolescence period, diminution of testis and decrease in sperm count, impotence, chronic priapism in males.

- Clitoral growth and menstrual irregularities, sound thickening in females
- Excitation (arousal) and insomnia

- In combination with anemia due to iron deficiency and blood thinners bleeding

- Deterioration in liver tests,

 What are the rare side effects of Anapolon?

- Jaundice in the liver function and sometimes have bad character cases

- Acne in females and pre-adolescent boys, hair loss and male pattern hair loss in women, hair loss in men after puberty

- Stretching of growth in children, muscle cramps in adults
- Jaundice due to breakthrough disorder from bile ducts
- Weight gain and edema

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